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Lychee Light Club

By day, Hiroyuki Tsunekawa is an average student at Keikou Middle School, a dreary all-boys school in an industrial town. When the school day ends, however, Hiroyuki becomes "Zera," the enigmatic, beauty-obsessed emperor of the cult-like Hikari Club. For the past year, the Hikari Club has been creating an intelligent humanlike robot which runs on the lychee fruit, for the purpose of kidnapping beautiful girls.

However, when the robot—named "Litchi"—finally brings back a girl, the Hikari Club begins to fall into disarray. As Zera becomes increasingly obsessed with executing those who betray him, the club's numbers begin to thin. As the remaining members begin to rebel and Litchi becomes increasingly human, will the Hikari Club ever be able to recover?

Genres: Drama, Horror, Romance



Country: japan

Movie: Lychee Light Club

Production Co:

Duration: 8 episodes

Release: 2005

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